what we do


We support you to achieve your business objectives more successfully through embedding sustainability into what you do and how you operate.

We start by understanding and developing objectives - helping our clients get a clear idea of where they want to go and what they want to achieve by becoming a more sustainable business.

Our approach is to take a wholesale look at the business through diagnostic sessions and our unique snapshot sustainability review. From there we work out what is and isn’t looking sustainable, the opportunities and the potential risks before we start to look together at ideas and recommendations. Getting important people such as staff engaged and thinking creatively is a hallmark of what we do.

We help our clients and their staff understand the significance of what we are looking for, what we find, and the journey forward. You are the experts in your particular business and you and your team need to be hands-on in finding solutions, shaping innovation, making decisions and taking charge of any change that comes about.

But we are there to support throughout by injecting ideas and insight and helping to pull together strategy, policies, communications, and implementation tools and methods.

Embedding sustainability into corporate strategy

Initially we align our work alongside mainstream business activities within a business, looking at everything from Vision and Values, through HR, marketing, operations and so on right through to the Finance Department. This can raise a few eyebrows but our aim for you is to get sustainability properly embedded into corporate strategy – not just bolted on somewhere where it might drop off at the first wobble.

So if you thought we might be peddling a bit of office recycling and some occasional staff volunteering think again. This is much more valuable and exciting!

Our activities

Activities to meet your business needs include:

  • Diagnostic and snapshot sustainability reviews
  • Strategy development to support business objectives
  • Staff engagement, training and support
  • Researching and engaging external players’ interests: customers/ suppliers/regulators/standard bearers/influencers/community
  • Corporate policy development - for different areas of the business
  • Implementation: manuals and toolkits/training/systems and standards/supporting ‘green teams’/monitoring and reporting
  • Communications: internally/externally/informally/formally
  • Workshops and away-days for sustainability strategy and planning – we facilitate creative, tactical and practical thinking

We also use our expertise and networks for clients who need specialist research and analysis of opportunities, trends, players, funding and partners in markets and fields related to sustainability – e.g. cleantech and environmental technologies, sustainable housing, green consumer trends.