sustainable business


Finding the sweet spot

The classic way of portraying sustainability is to draw three overlapping spheres representing

money & economy/people & community/environment

The idea is that we should take equal care of the needs, concerns and opportunities represented by each sphere. An unbalanced approach means things are not so sustainable and problems may happen. The sweet spot is where the three spheres overlap and things are in balance. Here’s how it looks:


Working in the overlap areas and finding the sweet spot of sustainability brings many business benefits.

Is this for you – or really just for others?

If you want to be in the supply chains of bigger corporates (and most businesses are somewhere in those chains), the public sector and a growing body of discerning customers… well, yes it is.

Climate change, peak oil, natural resources, the war for great talent and public opinion are all major drivers that you need to understand and negotiate to be robust now and for the future. As we bounce back after the recession three big business themes are likely to be: trust, carbon and talent. 

We want our clients to cater for these drivers now and be ahead of the curve.

Sustainable Business Benefits

At fwa we help you access the benefits that are most relevant to your business.

We look at 7 Business Benefit areas:

  1. attract and retain the talent your business needs
  2. increase staff loyalty and engagement
  3. build customer loyalty and market share
  4. innovate into better products and markets
  5. reduce operating expenses
  6. manage risk; get easier finance and insurance
  7. strengthen your reputation and brand

We can show you how the investment you make turns into a highly favourable cost-benefit equation – you won’t look back.