about fwa


fwa is a niche sustainable business and corporate responsibility consultancy. We focus on realising benefits for you and your organisation through addressing sustainability while helping you meet your broader business objectives.

franceswells.jpgfwa was founded by Frances Wells who has worked as a specialist in sustainability and corporate responsibility for over twenty years. Frances is very hands-on in the company, so you can expect to get the benefit of her business and sustainability experience and insight on your project.

We work very closely with trusted Associates to build bespoke teams to meet the needs of our clients and their projects. For example you may need us to deliver specific technical capacity, such as building environmental management systems and getting external accreditations.

The people you work with at fwa are passionate about what sustainability can do for your business and, not forgetting of course, the rest of the world!

Not just any bunch of consultants, we like to live and breathe your sustainability opportunities with you and make sure you get the best results.

Who we work with

We work with businesses, and other organisations, of all shapes and sizes who need help to play a role in the growing sustainability story.

Our main focus is on medium sized business, professional practices and go-ahead smaller businesses who want to compete in markets where sustainability matters – that means anyone who wants to be in the supply chains of big business, public bodies and discerning customers.

We do work with larger organisations and well-known brands too, and this helps us to assist smaller organisations understand the bigger players’ agendas. Unusually for business-focussed advisers, we also have a great deal of experience with both the public and the not-for-profit sectors so we are uniquely placed to bring many mind-sets into strategic thinking in this arena.

Ask to find out more about what we do and what we can do for you.

Some company history

fwa started in 2001 by focussing on putting sustainability into regeneration plans and initiatives. We carried out consultations - asking the right questions in the right way - to inform area strategies, created business plans, projects and partnerships and found ways and means for initiatives that promoted sustainability in regeneration, land-use, planning and property.

We attracted work from professional bodies, local authorities, regeneration agencies, universities and not-for-profits. All the time, we were watching the importance of the corporate sustainability agenda growing and realising that our skills and methods could be transferred and put to good use in helping organisations as a whole, not just individual projects, perform better for a 21st Century world. We started working on this in tandem, exploring links such as marketing and corporate responsibility, staff engagement and customer experience. In 2009 we made a major re-focus for the company to specialise in helping businesses, and others, be more corporately responsible and perform better by understanding and responding to the sustainability opportunity.

Our experience in regeneration and development means we are well placed to work with corporate sustainability in the property related market.